Software-defined analog

Zrna hardware realizes the analog circuit you specify in software, in real time. Change any circuit parameter on the fly with an API request, at your lab bench or embedded in-application.

What if analog had an API?

Instead of building a simple amplifier from components, we'd ask for one:

g = GainInv(gain=10)

and adjust the gain as needed:

g.gain = 42

Our platform binds this software description of a circuit to a live implementation running on a field-programmable analog array (FPAA).

A variety of analog operations are supported including: gain, filtering, summing, comparison and waveform generation.

Flexible Integration

Built on Protocol Buffers, the API supports a variety of popular languages including Python for interactive circuit design.

Run standalone or integrate with Raspberry Pi, Arduino or your preferred embedded workflow: the API protocol works via USB, UART, SPI or I²C.

Save your designs to the internal file system and recall them as needed.

First-class Audio

Zrna has 3.5mm input and output with +5V/-5V rails. Control any circuit parameter with USB MIDI. Ready for analog synthesizer experiments out of the box.


Check out some demo applications.

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We recently launched Akso, a reconfigurable hardware DSP platform for audio and musical applications.

We also launched a discussion forum. See you there!

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