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Akso comes fully assembled by default. If you would prefer a board without TRS jacks attached, check the box below. Jacks will be included so you can attach them later if you like.

Technical Specifications


43mm x 106mm


STM32H743 clocked at 480MHz

Memory and Storage
  • 32MB SDRAM
  • 1MB RAM and 2MB Flash (processor internal)
  • microSD card slot

ADAU1961, stereo, running at 48KHz 24-bit

3.5mm TRS Signal IO, Software Configurable
  • Input 1: Mono Right or Aux Stereo
  • Input 2: Mono Left or Stereo
  • Output 1: Mono Right
  • Output 2: Mono Left or Stereo

Each jack operates in one of three scale modes: line level, bipolar CV -5V/+5V or unipolar CV 0-10V.

Scaling occurs in the analog domain such that the full dynamic range of the codec is used in each mode. Input signals outside of the codec's range are clipped.

Mono mode supports both balanced and unbalanced interconnects.

DC coupled.

Note See the reference manual for additional detail.

3.5mm TRS Headphone Out

True ground referenced, 25mW per channel @ 16 ohms

Dual USB-C Ports
  • Device: power in, data, USB-MIDI
  • Host: USB-MIDI, expansion, rated to 500mA
Power In

USB-C or pin accepting 5V-18V

Typical power consumption: 125mA at 12V (1.5W)

Primary regulator max output power: 6.5W

Power Rail Outputs
  • +12V
  • -12V
  • +3.3V Primary
  • +3.3V Secondary
  • +5V

Total available output power is bounded by the primary regulator. See the reference manual for more.


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